Lead Consultancy

FRC’s extensive experience in project managing necessary remedial works allow us to deliver a compliant, safe and future-proofed building. Our multi-disciplinary team of qualified Building Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, Fire Engineers, Designers, Delivery Coordination Managers and Clerk of Works comprehensively manage all stages of remedial projects, from conception to completion. We work in accordance with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work schedule, ensuring a thorough and efficient approach throughout. As lead consultants, we act on your behalf to ensure your interests are fulfilled by the contractors, both pre- and post-contract, and that all site works are compliant in line with design and completed to the highest standard of workmanship.

Laser Scanning

To enable the completion of both the concept and technical design stages of the project, as-built external elevation or internal floor plan drawings will be required. Should as-built drawings be unavailable, FRC can retrospectively scan the building to create them using specialist 3D scanning techniques. These drawings are also required by the Building Safety Act 2022 as part of the ‘Golden Thread of Information’. Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings are necessary for the design elements of remediation work if as-built drawings are unavailable. Through a 3D laser scan of a building, we gather information about the shape and position of different elements, ensuring greater accuracy during design creation and reducing the risk of measurement anomalies. These drawings further enable the relevant parties to store and share information digitally with either leaseholders or contractors alike.

Standalone Clerk of Works

In addition to the inclusion of our Clerk of Works offering within our Lead Consultancy services, we can act as the specialist Clerk of Works in a standalone capacity during both internal and external remediation projects, undertaking stringent checks to ensure compliance with design (by others) and certifying the quality of workmanship is to a high level during the construction phase. The service allows for weekly site visits by our experienced team, a review of the contractor’s photographic evidence, digital inspection reports, generation of a snagging list for the project lead to manage with the contractor and sign-off via a final handover report following the addressing of all items raised. Nigel Dyer, our in-house lead Clerk of Works, is a diligent and qualified professional with decades of construction experience. He has been elected as Chairman of the southern chapter of the Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate of GB (ICWCI) for the past two years.

Applicant’s Representative (Building Safety Fund)

The Building Safety Fund application process can be complex and we are actively engaged as Lead Consultant in numerous corresponding projects. As part of the Building Safety Fund process an Applicant’s Representative is required to take responsibility for various tasks, including portal uploads, completion of paperwork, acceptance of funding offers and organisation of the trust bank account. Given our experience in managing these projects, FRC are perfectly placed to perform this role in addition to our Lead Consultancy obligations. We will liaise with the client and their managing agent throughout to ensure transparency and efficient decision making, allowing the project to proceed at pace in a controlled, proactive and productive manner.

Order of Cost Estimate

To assist with project management in regard to cashflow and project planning, we have introduced a service whereby we are able to prepare an Order of Cost Estimate and high-level forecast cashflow and programme to assist with project benchmarking, pre-tender support acceptance decisions or any Section 20 requirements. We offer this service for internal and external remediation, redecoration, extension or repurposing projects.

The Order of Cost Estimate will provide a detailed price breakdown of consultancy fees, preliminary costs and works cost, in a style similar to that of a tender return, which can be beneficial in many instances, including but not limited to the following:

  • Review of Pre-Tender Support funds offered via the Building Safety Fund or Mid-Rise Scheme to ensure the amount is suitable for the project size, potentially removing the requirement to request top-up funding as the project progresses, which can be a lengthy process
  • A solid initial estimate for service charge-funded projects, which will be progressing via Section 20, where an idea of the project’s overall cost is required to start collecting funds from leaseholders to fund works prior to tender stage

Expert witnesses

Our team of specialised and certified professionals will provide detailed yet impartial opinions, usually as part of a warranty or claim during legal proceedings.

Building Safety Fund appeal process

Using our knowledge of the Building Safety Fund, we are often asked to challenge instances where applications for remediation to whole buildings or specific external wall systems have been rejected. Our experience of the appeals process and established relationships with caseworkers allow us to advise clients and navigate potential pitfalls and delays with ease.

Compliance Inspector (Building Safety Fund Projects)

The Building Safety Fund’s Grant Funding Agreement states a requirement for the Applicant to appoint a Compliance Inspector, independent of the project’s design team, to undertake a number of visits throughout the construction phase at various specific milestones.

Within the scope of the requirement, FRC’s Compliance Inspector will conduct regular site visits at fund-defined milestones, provide compliance reports following each visit, and complete a final report confirming whether the works are compliant with DLUHC Fund Requirements.

– Nigel Dyer, MICWCI MACQP FSIDip DipFD, FRC’s Clerk of Works

“Clerk of Works are as important now as they always have been. Our mantra of ‘the eyes and ears of the client on site’, is exactly that. We ensure that projects are carried out to the relevant standards, regulations, drawings & specifications, as well as manufacturer installation instructions & best practise, on behalf of the client. Acting independently of the Principal Contractor & their Subcontractors, but aiming to work with them as part of the wider team, to add another level of quality inspection, to compliment their own.”

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