Published in May 2022, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 came into force on 23 January 2023. The regulations require all responsible persons to conduct ongoing checks on firefighting equipment, lifts and fire doors to ensure relevant information is stored, maintained and communicated to local fire and rescue services.

How we can help

Our bespoke service aids responsible persons to eliminate the strain, recover their time and ensure compliance with these new regulations.

Secure information box

We review and gather all current information relating to the building’s fire safety, identify any missing information required and provide digital copies to the local fire and rescue service. We also supply and install the box in a suitable location.

Lifts and firefighting equipment

We provide a register for recording all monthly checks on the operation of the building’s firefighting lifts and equipment, including wet and dry risers, and communicate these findings to the local fire and rescue service and building residents.

External wall systems

Our qualified fire engineers and consultants conduct fire risk appraisal of the external walls (FRAEW) following PAS 9980:2022. Any necessary mitigation steps will be detailed separately.

Wayfinding signage and fire doors

We survey the building’s existing wayfinding signage, fire doors and fire strategy, followed by regular checks and maintenance. Information will be provided to the local fire and rescue service and residents. Any necessary mitigation steps will be detailed separately.

Ongoing management and communication

We will complete all regular checks as required by the regulations on behalf of the responsible person. This information will then be shared with the local fire and rescue service and residents to ensure peace of mind and compliance for all.


Services required may vary, depending on building height, complexity and existing information.

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