Compliance with the Building Safety Act 2022

Under section 77 of the Building Safety Act 2022, all principal accountable persons (PAP) are responsible for applying for registration of their higher-risk building through the Building Safety Regulator’s digital platform.

Key Building Information about the building and it’s accountable person(s) must be provided to enable the Regulator to confirm:

  • the building’s location, and
  • it’s scope of requirements under the Act, and
  • the identity of the person(s) responsible for the safety of the building and its residents.

All buildings, new and existing, over 18 metres in height must be registered with the Regulator by the 1st of October 2023. After this date, a principal accountable person would commit an offence if a higher-risk building was occupied but not registered.

FRC are able to act as an agent on behalf of the PAP to gather the required information, submit the application and act as the point of contact for the Regulator in connection with the registration process.

Information gathering and safety case report service

Our building safety managers (BSM) have a CIOB level 6 diploma in building safety management. The role is pivotal to undertaking the tasks required to prepare the building safety case report for the building safety regulator to acquire the building assessment certificate.

We have developed two services with our BSMs to ensure total competence through all stages of reviewing, evidencing and communicating the golden thread of information.

Building safety assessment manager

This service involves undertaking the tasks required to prepare the building safety case report, including a full review of all information relating to the building’s fire safety and structural risks, identifying any missing information and providing recommendations for items required to compile the safety case. This information will be prepared and evidenced to the building safety regulator to acquire a building assessment certificate for occupation. This role is broken down into three stages.

  • Stage 1: Review current information and provide a report of missing information required to build the building safety case.
  • Stage 2: Prepare for a building assessment and provide proposals for required services, as identified as missing in Stage 1. FRC will provide individual and bespoke proposals for each element of required information that has been identified separately.
  • Stage 3: Submit the safety case report to the Building Safety Regulator for approval and Building Assessment Certificate for occupation.

Building safety engagement manager

After gaining the building assessment certificate, we will support the principal accountable person with the ongoing management, communication and maintenance of the building’s fire safety and structural risks. The building safety engagement manager will communicate the major hazards within the building and will identify measures to efficiently record and reduce risks, including

  • regularly attending the site
  • checking safety equipment
  • providing information as required to the building safety regulator, part of the HSE, on behalf of the accountable person
  • engaging with lessees to provide feedback and educate on safely managing the building, including routes of escalation for concerns and complaints
  • ensuring residents are aware of and complying with their safety responsibilities
  • liaising with the local fire and rescue service.

Our building safety engagement manager role does not remove the legal liability for safety of the building and occupants from the freeholder. Secure digital storage of information is a crucial part of complying with the Building Safety Act 2022. If a client uses a third-party storage portal system, our building safety engagement manager will require access to this along with all information relating to the building.

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