BS 8414 design and testing

FRC can design, build and test a full-scale test rig to determine fire performance using BS 8414-1 or BS 8414-2 methodology to assess the performance of external wall systems in the event of a fire. It will determine the fire performance characteristics of the system when exposed to an external fire under controlled conditions. We have designed test rigs for several new cladding products. We are also currently replicating installed façades and taking them through the BS 8414 test regime to prove compliance.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC certificate confirms a property’s energy efficiency. It outlines recommendations to improve the rating and make the property more energy efficient. Our EPC survey is non-intrusive, and the certification is valid for ten years. It is the property management’s responsibility to arrange for an EPC. Property owners need an EPC to sell apartments. EPC recommendations include the estimated costs for implementing the changes and the potential savings.

Retained Consultancy

FRC provides expert advice and a retained consultancy service to those who need a continual relationship with a building consultant to provide information and advice on ongoing building fire safety legislation and best practice.

Reinstatement Assessment Cost

Our fully qualified surveyors attend sites and conduct assessments, determining a rebuild cost in case of fire or collapse. This service is for insurance purposes only and is not a valuation or survey. A reinstatement cost assessment is a non-intrusive report. It will be based on an overview of the building and approximate evaluating methods.

PCSA Agreement Management

We can create all documentation relating to the pre-contract service agreement (PCSA) and manage the process throughout, including chairing fortnightly meetings throughout the PCSA programme.

Concept Design

We can undertake an intrusive inspection to investigate the external wall systems for the purposes of the concept design stage of the Building Safety Fund remediation project.

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