Welcome news! The long overdue opportunity to access funding for remediation projects targeting unsafe cladding in buildings ranging from 11 to 18 meters in height has finally arrived. On Monday, 24th July 2023, applications to the newly launched Cladding Safety Scheme were officially opened. 

What is the Cladding Safety Scheme?

The Cladding Safety Scheme is an initiative launched by the UK government to provide funding for the remediation or mitigation of fire safety risks associated with unsafe external wall systems on buildings of 11 metres and over in height.

Formerly known as the Mid-Rise Scheme, it offers long-awaited relief for building owners in the 11-18m height range previously ineligible for funding to remedy unsafe cladding. The scheme aims to alleviate the financial burden on leaseholders and ensure that fire safety risks posed by unsafe cladding are addressed in a timely manner.

Where do you start?

If you own or manage a building within the 11-18 meter height range and are seeking funding for cladding remediation, we are here to guide you through the process. An integral requirement of the Cladding Safety Scheme application is to conduct a thorough Fire Risk Appraisal of the External Walls (FRAEW) survey in accordance with PAS 9980. This initial step ensures compliance and sets the foundation for the rest of your remediation journey. The Scheme requires the FRAEW to be undertaken by one of the select members of the Assessor Panel.

At FRC, we are proud to be part of the select members of the Assessor Panel, enabling us to undertake the FRAEW survey on your behalf. Our expertise and technical knowledge in conducting PAS 9980 compliant surveys, along with our familiarity with the Cladding Safety Scheme requirements, ensure that your application is built on solid grounds.

Bridging the gap with an end-to-end solution

What sets FRC apart is our ability to offer an end-to-end solution for your cladding remediation projects. Our comprehensive suite of services covers the entire remediation process, from the initial survey to the implementation and monitoring of remedial measures.

With our nationwide capability and team of industry-leading experts, we stand ready to assist you at each stage of your project. From conducting detailed fire risk assessments to developing tailored remediation strategies, our goal is to ensure the highest levels of safety and compliance in your building.

Start the conversation and let us assist you on your journey

We understand the importance of clear communication and personalized support throughout the remediation process. That’s why we invite you to arrange an introductory call with our team today. Together, we can discuss your specific needs, outline the next steps, and ensure that you have all the information and guidance you require to embark on your remediation project.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can manage the project going forward, acting as Applicant’s Representative to assist clients not set up for this role themselves.

Concurrently, we take on the responsibility of the Lead Consultant and Clerk of Works roles through our specialist in-house team, all of whom have lived and breathed government-funded projects over the past few years and bring this vital experience and knowledge to the table.

Contact us today and let’s begin your cladding remediation journey together.