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What is an EWS1 form?

EWS1 forms were introduced by UK Finance and the RICS in 2019.  They are intended to record the risk posed by the external wall construction of residential apartment buildings for valuation purposes. The form can be downloaded here.

How can I get an EWS1 form?

The first step is to have a fully intrusive report undertaken of the external through wall structure, from these findings it will establish if section A1-A3 can be completed or a further Fire Engineers report is required to complete section B1-B2.

How much does an EWS1 form cost?

The cost will vary depending on location, size, complexity, access restrictions, number of samples needed and other contributing factors.

FRC can provide a bespoke proposal which will detail exactly what a survey of your building will entail and the costs involved. To request a proposal, please see the instructions on our Get in touch page.

Why is an intrusive survey required to issue an EWS1 form?

It is essential to establish which materials and construction methods have been used in the through-wall construction whilst checking compliance with building regulations, to determine which rating the EWS1 form can be assigned.

It is important to note that desktop studies are in breach of the EWS1 process – intrusive surveys remain the only way to gather evidence to satisfy the EWS1 form requirements.

An intrusive survey has already been carried out; can you use this to issue an EWS1 form?

Depending on the quality of the report’s content, along with the level of Professional Indemnity insurance of the author, we may be able to do this.

Who normally pays for the survey to be done?

The report and EWS1 Form fees are normally paid from the service charge fund, however this depends on the details within the individual lease.

My building is not above 18 metres tall, why does my buyer/lender need an EWS1 form?

The original EWS1 form stated that it may be requested “where specific concerns exist.” The latest version of the form, released by the RICS in March this year, makes no mention of height – meaning the form can be used for any building.

Can FRC sign an EWS1 form?

At FRC, we are suitably qualified to sign both sections A & B of the EWS1 Form – we are a Chartered Building Consultancy with highly accredited staff , including Chartered and Incorporated Fire Engineers.

We also hold £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII), which covers both EWS1 forms and Fire Safety.

Samples have been sent to the BRE previously and determined not to be ACM, is a survey still required?

The ACM testing undertaken by the BRE does not comment on the combustibility of any other materials, many of which are combustible.

It is essential to establish the combustibility of the surface materials and insulation, along with the presence of fire barriers, which are critical to the compartmentation and overall fire performance of the façade.

Is the façade report the end of the process, resulting in a fully compliant building?

It depends on what is found at the survey. If the report recommends further action is required, we have a process that covers these next steps.

Can you provide colour matched panels for the intrusive sample areas?

Many of our clients opt for our colour-match panel service to preserve the aesthtic of their building whilst ensuring essential intrusive surveys are carried out.

Click here for more information about this add-on service.

What is the lead time for a façade survey?

From receipt of order, our current lead time is 6-12 weeks – depending on survey type and building complexity. Any requirement for pedestrian or traffic management permits may affect this timeframe and will be dictated by the local council.

How long is an EWS1 Form valid for?

An EWS1 Form is valid for 5 years from date of issue. However, major changes to a building or its attachments may render it invalid before this time.

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